Emergency Tradesperson List and Procedure

The tradespeople are to be called ONLY in an emergency situation after work hours. In case of an emergency, please contact an emergency tradesperson from this list, then advise the office in writing at admin@elementpropertyservices.com.au . An ‘Emergency Situation’ is interpreted as a situation that, if not rectified immediately, could cause further damage to the property and/ or injury to a person. Examples include:

  • A burst hot water service
  • A blocked or burst lavatory system
  • A serious roof leak
  • A gas leak
  • A dangerous electrical fault
  • Serious storm or fire damage
  • A failure of gas, electricity or water supply to the property, essential for hot water, cooking, heating, cooling or laundering
  • A fault or damage that causes the residential property to be unsafe or insecure
  • A serious fault in any door, staircase, lift or other common area which inhibits or unduly inconveniences the tenant in gaining access to and the use of the property


Preferred Tradespeople: 


Steve Sciberras-  0417 260 886

Watts Needed Electrical- Nathan 0401 500 541


Around Town Plumbing-  0418 631 669


Night & Day Locksmiths-  6286 5038


Discount Glass-  6253 1099


Mayner & Cochran-  6280 6833

Detlev-  6260 1033

SES:  132 500


ACTEW GAS  13 19 09

ACTEW WATER 6248 311


If the lessor(or lessor's nominee) cannot be contacted, or fails to attend to urgent repairs within a reasonable time, the tenant may arrange for repairs up to a maximum of 5% of the rent of the property over a year. Please contact Element Property Services during work hours for regular repairs and maintenance. 

If the required tradesperson on this list is unavailable, the tenant is authorised to arrange another repairer, but they must be licensed and insured.